Welcome! Um... CGFWB?

If you are wondering, CGFWB is an acronym for "computer geek from way back". We geeks love our acronyms!

All acronyms aside, who is William Munn?

A skilled software professional with ten years coding, four of them managing other professionals at multiple billion dollar companies. I specialize in software craftsmanship. Much of my work has been with the Microsoft development stack ( .NET, C#, Javascript, SQL Server ) and I stay aware of and utilize many open-source projects as well. One of my goals is to use the best technology fit for a given situation.

Currently I'm working on company initiatives at HealthEquity. I ran a consulting business at niftySites for seven years and am currently available for part-time programming/website contracts.

What's with Dubmun.com?

I've been maintaining Dubmun.com since 2003. This is version 3 of the site. The initial purpose of the site was just a place to play with new web technologies and share them with others.

Version 1 was very experimental. I remember spending hour after hour in the computer labs at SUU tweaking and "perfecting" it.

Version 2 was the result of seeing myself as professional and trying to make the site reflect that as well. At the time, it seemed like a good thing to do. Frankly, I'm embarrassed of it!

Today the site serves as a portal to William Munn (and a little shameless self-promotion). If you were looking for me, here I am! Check out my technology, hacker, and entrepeneur focused blog: Munn and Done or view my LinkedIn Profile and contact info.

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