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Coding Kata Resources

What is a coding kata? The metaphor is a martial arts kata or form. Martial artists practice and REPEAT a precise set of steps until they perfect it. Read more...

A Tech Lead Is Not A Manager: Influence vs. Authority On Agile Teams

I previously wrote about how I worked on an agile team as a tech lead. The article focused on the things I recommend. Today, I'm going to take the opposite approach and share what to avoid: the misuse of authority including mistaking an influencing role for... Read more...

When Does Counting Lines of Code Make Sense?

ALERT: I'm not pulling any punches with this one. If you are looking for a balanced argument including thoughts on some potentially good reasons to measure LoC, you won't find it here. Read more...

What to Expect During Your First Year of Writing Fiction

Welcome, friends, to a post about writing when you are new to the craft. First, let's do a little housekeeping. You may have questions. I think I have guessed a couple of them. Let's see if I'm right. Read more...

Why Do I Write For 15 Minutes A Day?

Here's my reasoning: I've spent countless days not writing a single word. All those days when I wrote exactly ZERO words, I thought would be offset by days when I "finally have some reasonable time to sit down and focus on writing." It turns out...Read more...

Clah Versus the Volcano: a Marshmallow Roast

Slow and rhythmic, the swaying midnight black tail lulled Clah as she slurped blood from the dead snake's neck. At the edge of her vision, she could see the tail's circular stripes encircling the viper's body in a pale red that matched the lifeless reptilian head lying on the nearby loam. Reptiles were far from Clah's favorite breakfast... Read more...


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